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4 Best Must Have Gaming Accessories for Under $10

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

If you’re looking to spice up your gaming experience, but you don’t have enough money to spend on expensive accessories—below is a list of the best budget gaming accessories available under $10 to get you started right away.

1. Anker Ultra Slim 4-Port USB 3.0. Data for $9.99

You probably use a lot of accessories meaning you’ll run out of USB ports. With a contrived budget, you might not afford the dock; but the Ultra-Slim 4-port USB hub will do the trick. This hub is super fast and with 3 USB ports, you’re transforming one USB port into 4.

2. MEE Audio RX18 Comfort-Fit In-Ear Headphones with Enhanced Bass for $5.99

Obviously, you don’t expect a miracle with this price range, but a pair of headphones under $5 is pleasing to most people. These lightweight headphones have gummy tips and come in three different sizes so that you’ll find the perfect fitting size.

3. RUNMUS Gaming Mouse at $9.99

A good gaming mouse should have extra buttons capable of mastering all forms of keyboard shortcuts—mainly when playing MMOs and strategy games. Unfortunately, they cost a lot of money.

The RUNMUS Gaming Mouse is designed with 7 programmable buttons which support macro editing to help you get ahead of your enemies. The ergonomic design with unique skin-like grip provides you with a firm hand-grip, ensuring the best use and long term user experience.

4. SteelSeries Qck Gaming Surface at $9.88

Once you’ve RUNMUS Gaming Mouse, chances are you’ll be looking for the best surface to place your mouse. This SteelSeries Qck Gaming Surface is the bestselling pad of all time. It is designed with a high thread count and has the peak stability and tracking to ensure maximum control of your mouse while gaming.

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