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Best Xbox One Games For Girls

For long period of time, girls have always been neglected in the gaming marketplace. Luckily, studios have now began showing more and more video games that girls can greatly enjoy. Currently, there plenty of games that girls can choose as the list below indicate.

i. Minecraft

Released in 2011, Minecraft is a sandbox independent video game developed by Mojang studios. Minecraft is the bestselling game of all times. One advantage is that gamers can choose to play as a girl using Alex who has thinner arm, pony tail and redder hair as opposed to blocky boy, Steve.

ii. The Sims 4

Released in 2014 the Sims 4 is a simulation video game created by Maxis studio that can be played both on Microsoft and Mac though there are no plans to release for a console.

iii. Life is strange: Before the Storm

Released in 2018 by Square Enix, the game has three episodes. Due to presence of female’s characters, the game is highly appealing to girl’s gamers.

iv. Shadow of the Tomb Raider

First released in 2013, shadow of the tomb raider is action-adventure video game published by Square Enix. This game is appealing to female gamers because the lead character is a girl, named Lara Croft who goes on to explore exotic environment, solve impressive challenges and uncovers ancient ruins. Gamer reviewers have referred to the game to the main character as Guerilla Girl.

v. Lego Worlds

This sandbox game allows players to create a world made up of Lego bricks and can be played by both a single person or with friends and family. Xbox One rates the game at 69/100. Gamers can create anything using one brick at a time or use landscaping tools available in the games to create huge mountain ranges in the procedurally generated world.

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